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Here you can read what there is to discover on the festival grounds in 2023. The free workshops always take place on Saturday after breakfast and before the start of the stage program (12:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.).


info booth and workshop

Founded in 1998, the Amadeu Antonio Foundation aims to strengthen a democratic civil society that works tirelesly against right extremism, racism and antisemitism. Thus, the Foundation supports initiatives and projects that engage in enhancing democratic culture and the protection of minorities. The goal is to offer financial support quickly and where it’s needed most, without a huge bureaucratic process. However, the Foundation’s most important task supersedes financial support: create awareness for committed people on the local level and keep the subject of right-extremism on the forefront of pro-democratic engagement – through campaigns, publications and education.

Workshop: Work, Service, Leadership: National Socialism and its Legacyt

Amnesty International

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„All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.“ (Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 1)

It is obvious that this article cannot be taken for granted given the current geo-political climate. AMNESTY INTERNATIONL aims to reverse this trend.

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL works independently from governments, political parties, ideologies, religion or economic interests. Amnesty International fights for the release of political prisoners – meaning people who have been imprisoned due to their gender, political beliefs, ethnic heritage, kin colour, language, their national or social heritage or their economic status and who have neither called for nor committed any violent acts. In addition, Amnesty International works for the investigation of human rights violations, for fair and speedy trials, against the death penalty and torture, against political murder and “disappearances”, for the protection of asylum seekers when they are threatened with repatriation to a country where human rights are violated, for the protection of people in armed conflicts, for effective controls in the arms trade, as well as for the promotion of economic, social and cultural rights.

Amnesty International Lübeck offers insides into their work at their info booth.

Anfachen Award (“Stir up award”)

info booth and exhibition

Creative and dedicated poster design with the topic: energy – hundreds of artists followed this call by the political poster competition Anfachen Award VII. The 25 winning motifs – selected by a renowned international jury and on view in large format as part of our festival – invite completely new reflections and perspectives. See, discuss, act!, @anfachen_award

KONRAD Schacht Working Group

info booth with candyfloss!

For more than 35 years, the Schacht KONRAD Working Group has been campaigning nationwide for the safe handling of nuclear waste. On 15 April 2023, the last nuclear power plants in Germany were shut down – a great day for the anti-nuclear and climate movement. At last, a major obstacle to a sustainable shift to a decentralised supply of renewable energy has been removed. What remains after 60 years of nuclear power production is a huge amount of radioactive waste that must be stored safely for at least 1 million years. The big questions is: Where. Certainly not in the old, dilapidated iron ore mine Schacht KONRAD in Salzgitter.

Workshop: on nuclear waste policy, nuclear waste disposal, the search for a final repository, renewable energies, climate protection, ideas, visions

Company Advisory Team (bbt)

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At BBT, we advise and support those affected by discrimination in their working environment. We have a special focus on right-wing attacks and their attempts to build a political foundation in companies. Therefore, it is part of our work to communicate the strategies and behaviour of the different right-wing actors. In this context, we will present the character of the New Right in a workshop, as well as their approach, their networks and their relationship to other right-wing groups.

Workshop: The New Right – from its roots to its fruits

Protestant Youth Mecklenburg, Provost District Wismar

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We are happy to be part of Jamel rockt den Förster again this year. In the spirit of our Christian faith, which sees all people as equal, we are committed in our youth work to creating spaces that enable tolerance and discourse – and that’s how it should be at our booth! Like in previous years, there will be a colourful variety of games, henna painting, table football and so on, but also a seating area to relax and chat.

We will play werewolf with you, give you festival glitter make-up or tell you about our work, but above all, we will strengthen you for the next night of partying!

Wismar University of Applied Sciences  – Faculty of Design

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The Faculty of Design at Wismar University of Applied Sciences is once again presenting the Village of Democracy and Tolerance. The specially developed small houses made of environmentally friendly cardboard and a quickly erectable and dismantlable slatted construction offer different providers shelter and a place to present themselves at the festival.
You can also get the stylish Jamel cardboard stools from us and customise them on site. The Faculty of Design at Wismar University of Applied Sciences will also be presenting its degree programmes.

Young Industrial Union Metal Youth Lübeck Wismar

info booth and workshop

Workshop: We were able to recruit Sabine Simon who will offer PUNKROCKYOGA!

Film macht Mut (Film creates courage)


Film Macht Mut places diversity of perspective and the critique of racism and anti-Semitism at the centre of film education. In cooperation with various project offices of the SchulKinoWochen and other local partners, age-appropriate workshops for first to sixth grade and further training for teachers are offered nationwide. In Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, the project is implemented by Medienwerkstatt Rostock.

At the festival, we want to give you an insight into our work with schools through small workshops. Together we will watch short films and discuss topics such as racism and anti-Semitism. The first workshop from 12:00-13:30 is for children, young people and those interested. From 13:30-15:00 educators and interested people can get an insight into the project.

Kein Bock auf Nazis (= „No go for Nazis”)

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„Kein Bock auf Nazis“ supports, connects and informs youths on the subject of the extreme right, racism and the neo-Nazi-scene. The Berlin-based band ZSK and the Antifascist Press Archive and education forum e.V. (apabiz) founded our non-profit project in 2006.

We work solely based on donations and are supported by bands and artists such as Die Toten Hosen, Bela B., Die Ärzte, Wir Sind Helden, Broilers, Mdsen, Donots, Fettes Brot Beatsteaks, Deichkind, Sportfreunde Stiller, Anti-Flag and many more. We were able to distribute 250.000 DVDs and more than a million student magazines free of charge thanks to donations. We constantly offer info material, stickers and advice to initiatives, groups and individuals that work against the far right.

We are contact persons and offer support for any young person to open their mouths against the shift to the right and growing social coldness. We connect, encourage, and help to get active. Against neo-Nazis and racism.

Together we can make a difference!

Omas gegen Rechts Lübeck – Grandmas against the Right, Lübeck

info booth

Who? We are a political group aimed primarily at older people who do not want to stop or just want to start being active.

How? We come together in an anti-fascist and feminist way. We are concerned with lived resistance, encouragement, networking and visibility.

What? Our work is diverse: from demonstrations to information events and educational work to art actions and other shenanigans.

Why? Germany has a historically grown problem with racist, fascist and patriarchal continuities.

What does that mean for us specifically? Take a clear stand against Nazis! Organise the anti-fascist movement across across generations! Oppose empty thinkers! Recognising and fighting fascism and racism as a problem of society as a whole! Practical solidarity with all feminist liberation movements, for example in Iran, Kurdistan and Afghanistan!

You can reach us at

Party Project ODYSSEE

If you’ve been at the festival before, you’ve probably come across our big colourful Chill-Out-tent: we have good music, lights and a disco ball; as well as a lot of information on subjects like party drugs, driver’s licence and drugs, safer-use-education, mixed consumption, traceable detection times, pill warning, cocaine & XTC extenders etc. We also offer give-aways, such as earplugs, dextrose, fruits, condoms, Safer-Snief-Tubes, etc.

RAA Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania e. V. – Regional Centre for Democratic Culture West Mecklenburg

info booth and workshop

The Regional Centre for Democratic Culture, based in Schwerin, offers counselling and training on the development of democracy and dealing with right-wing extremism in the districts of Ludwigslust-Parchim, Nordwestmecklenburg and the state capital Schwerin. The regional centre is a contact point for citizens, organisations and officials who want to stand up for commitment against right-wing extremism and for democratic values in their communities. Further offers: training and workshops in schools and other public institutions on a variety of topics related to democratic culture and the state coordination for School without Racism – School with Courage.

Workshop: The extreme right wants Germany to burn and unfortunately, this strategy seems to be successful. This year, we descend into the shadow worlds of right-wing extremist structures and discourses. Deep in the forest, at various stations, we have to ask ourselves the question of where this country is heading in 2023.


Everyone has heard of the terrible conditions refugees face when trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea to flee to safety. Thousands have lost their lives; the EU mostly ignores this. Being saved when fleeing and in distress at sea is a human right.

Knowledgeable people with different professional backgrounds founded RESQSHIP e.V. in 2017 in order to finance an additional ship in the Mediterranean, thus offering relief to the already existing ships and helping to rescue refugees. RESQSHIP e.V. relies entirely on donations. Bank details: IBAN: DE18 4306 0967 2070 814500 | BIC: GENO DE M1 GLS | GLS Gemeinschaftsbank eG. We welcome any new interested supporters!

Rock gegen Rechts Stralsund e. V. – Rock against the right

info booth andfestival breakfast

Loud against racism – that’s what Rock gegen Rechts Mecklenburg-Vorpommern e.V. stands for! We started in Stralsund, but are now active throughout the state and networked nationwide. We include, for example, Rhythm Against Racism in Güstrow and the mobile disco Fette Elke, which is on the road at smaller and larger festivals and events. Come by our info booth and find out about our work – or fill your stomach after a night of rocking out! Because we are organising the festival breakfast on Saturday again this year! For a donation of 3-1000 Euros, you can get everything you need for a good start into the day. Just follow the smell of bread and coffee – or the signs on the grounds!

Romero Initiative (CIR)

Info booth or information from a hawker’s tray

The Romero Initiative is a human rights organisation founded in the 1980ies. Our work stands in the tradition of Oscar Romero, an activist against military dictatorship and for justice in Latin America in the 1970ies. Our work focusses on a holistic approach to a just socio-economic system in which everyone can work and live under dignified circumstances and where companies act socially and ecologically conscious. We stand for global solidarity and build bridges between our partnering countries in Central America and Germany.

Our campaigns and education work in Germany aims to increase awareness in European societies and to mobilize through political actions, in order to end unjust structures and ignite fundamental change. We are active in different groups and networks like the Initiative Lieferkettengesetz (Iniative Supply Chain Act) and the Clean Clothes Campaign.

At our booth we offer you information, discussions, participatory actions and entertainment focussed at the topic of sustainability and human rights in international food and textile supply chains. You’ll also get the opportunity to sign the petition of the initiative Lieferkettengesetz for a strong EU supply chain act.

Chess Café of the Chess Club Kaltenkirchen

We have been fascinated by chess since our childhood, and fascinated by festivals since our youth. We would like to share, experience and celebrate these fascinations with you. We will offer plenty of classic board game equipment, including clocks, lego chess and more interesting board games that you are welcome to try to out.

We will also inform you about the campaign “Together against right extremism” and are joined by the female grandmaster Melanie Lubbe (née Ohme) under the motto “Step by step against racism”. The campaign includes a guideline for clubs about how to deal with racist incidents within their structures, how anti-racist content can be included in the club’s statute and the popular flyer “That looks illegal”. If you are also interested in learning what the cosmopolitan fridge is, come by and find material from the club “Action Civil Courage”.

We expect things to get heated not only on the stage but also on our chess boards. Especially since we are the experts in combining action and calmness. No one knows better: chess rocks!

Cooperative Regional School and Grammar School “Tisa von der Schulenburg” Dorf Mecklenburg &  International school Ecolea Schwerin

info booth and workshop

We are the “Updater – School without Racism 2.0” of the Cooperative Comprehensive School Dorf Mecklenburg. At our school, we try to address discrimination and racism again and again and are happy to have Birgit and Horst Lohmeyer as mentors by our side. The course “Courage” at the ecolea Schwerin also deals with social issues of the most diverse kind in order to bring them into everyday school life and lessons.

Both schools are part of the community “School without Racism – School with Courage” which is accompanied by the RAA Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Since learning is always a gain, there will be a quiz on the project and the festival at our booth – of course with colourful prizes as well as the opportunity to design your own Forstrock button.

Workshop: Sexual Orientation

Hello, this is Ellen, Anastasia and Rade from Ecolea Schwerin. Are you interested in different sexualities, do you want to exchange ideas with us or do you just want to learn a bit more about the topic? Then you’ve come to the right place! Our workshop will be about the meaning of LGBTQI+, there will be a small quiz, the topic of outing compulsion with a film as an example and much more. If you feel like talking to us and want to learn something new, then come and join us. We look forward to seeing you!

Ver.di Youth Schwerin

info booth and workshop “Against Forgetting – Our View into the Future”

The festival “Jamel rockt den Förster” is not only the most important festival at the moment, because we all know about the situation in the village of Jamel, but also because we had to celebrate sad anniversaries just this year. 90 years ago, in January 1933, Hitler gained power through democratic elections. On 2 May 1933 the free trade unions were crushed and many trade unionists were arrested, tortured and also murdered. In May and June 1933, book burnings took place all over Germany and the legacy of many writers fell victim to the flames of the Nazis. We do not want to repeat here what happened next. However, we want to use these historical moments as a reminder and a reminder and sharpen our view of today in our workshop. When AfD candidates are winning elections and the party’s poll numbers are rising, we should look at what we can change and why our commitment is needed right now.

WIR. Success needs Diversity (WIR)

info booth

15 years for a diverse, democratic and tolerant Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

With the proceeds from our donation format “WIR Aktie”, the festival in Jamel has also been financially supported since 2014. At our info booth, WIR will provide information about this and also about the work of the initiative. It was founded in 2008 by representatives of the state parliament, trade unions, the federation of business associations, the Protestant and Catholic churches and sport clubs after the NPD entered the state parliament. In the years that followed, a broad alliance was formed, which now has more than 2000 members and continues to grow. The organisations, associations, initiatives, celebrities from culture and sport as well as many committed people defend the basic democratic values and stand for a tolerant Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Whether in cooperation projects or with their own events and campaigns: together WE (WIR) act against any form of extremism, racism and hostility to democracy.

The chairwoman of the initiative is Birgit Hesse, president of the state parliament. She is also the patron of the festival “Jamel rocks the forester”.

We say Moin (=”we say hello”)

info booth

“Moin” (= northern German for “Hello”) goes around the world!

Moin is a short word with a lot of meaning. We say Moin – that’s you, and that’s us!

You’ll find us at our beautiful booth with lots of merch (t-shirts, hoodies, bags, etc.), a wheel of fortune with many moin-tastic prices and the opportunity to create some Batik magic.

Moin is a short word with a lot of meaning. We say Moin – that’s you, and that’s us!


People who are members of right-extremist organizations, the right-extremist scene or who portray a right-extremist mindset are not welcome at the festival!