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Here we’ll inform you what else you could find in 2019 at our festival.


info booth and 2 workshops

Workshop I: “Town, country, people”? Right-extremist settler strategies in rural areas

Rural areas are a focal point in right-extremist worldviews and strategies. How can civil society organisations fight back against right-extremist settler movements? How do we deal with right-extremists in our daily life in schools, jobs or our neighbourhood?

Workshop II: “Open project planning by the Amadeu Antonio Foundation”

This workshop offers the possibility for interested initiatives, organisations or activists to discuss their project ideas, concepts and funding opportunities. We would like to offer a space to reflect where action is needed and which target groups we are aiming for. Most importantly, we would like to discuss which strategies and formats work, with the help of “good practice”-examples.

The aim is to encourage and support civil society actors who stand up against right-extremist ideology and any form of discrimination.

Anfachen Award (“Stir up award”)

poster presentation and info booth

The third Anfachen Award again asked artists to engage with socio-political subjects. Artists from 28 countries handed in 565 submissions, all dealing with the subject of “living”. The international expert jury chose the 25 winning motives. Amongst the winners are Christopf Gassner and Qiang Wei (China) as well as four Hamburg artists: Jul Gordon, Marc Lehmann, Finn Reduhn and Stephanie Wunderlich.

Patron Klaus Staeck, who is known in Germany for his political poster art, sees the Anfachen Award as the logical sequel to his work: “Would you rent a room to this woman?” was printed on his first poster, presented in Nürnberg. The poster pictured the mother of Albrecht Dürer, whilst an exhibition dedicated to him opened at the same time. “I wanted to see whether people register something like that…a poster that does not advertise a product or an event, but that simply asks an important question – around the subject of rent. Unfortunately, the subject is just as present today as it was in 1971.” (Klaus Staeck, interview 2018)

The winning posters of the Anfachen Award have been presented in Hamburg for three weeks and are now going on a journey to international metropolitan areas, in order to raise awareness for residence and living situations. And they will be shown at Jamel rockt den Förster.

Operational Consulting Team (bbt)

Workshop “When Nazis read and write books…”

Media reports about the extreme right in Germany increasingly use the term of the “new right”. Linked to this term are people like Götz Kubitschek, one of the founders of the Institute for State Politics and the Antaios publishing house, or Jürgen Elsässer, editor of the Compact magazine. The “new right” is used as a category, that includes theoretical thinkers of the extreme right, an intellectual group that mostly refers to the mind-set of the conservative revolution of the Weimar Republic. Their publications are hugely successful. They are included in the SPIEGEL-Bestseller list, appear at book fairs in Frankfurt and Leipzig and can be bought at every newspaper stand. This leads to a trivialisation of the threat that the “new right” poses.

During the workshop, we will analyse this threat. Looking closer at the “new right”, it becomes clear that it is more than just a few names, but a broad network of foundations, organisations, media and campaigns. The AfD is increasingly linked to the “new right” as well.

Who are and what is the “new right”? How are they organised and what are they aiming at? Which ideology stands behind the movement? Is this “new right” actually new? Is the term well chosen for what it describes? These and other questions will be addressed and discussed with you at the workshop.

You will also be able to meet the Operational Consulting Team at the info booth of the Ver.di Youth North.

info booth

Betterplace is Germany’s biggest charitable online donation platform and is located in Berlin Kreuzberg. Ever since its foundation in 2007, more than 77 million Euros have been donated via this platform to thousands of social projects in more than 180 countries. shows solidarity with “Jamel rockt den Förster” and is looking forward to assist the Lohmeyers with their fundraising. Check and support the Lohmeyers financially. All of us have to take a stand against nationalism. Every day.

Democracy Train Station Anklam

info booth and activities

The Democracy Train Station Anklam is a youth and cultural centre, founded in 2014 and organised on a voluntary basis. It offers youth activities, such as the open youth meeting, a bicycle repair workshop and a community garden as well as cultural and information events in the train station building in Anklam. We will present snippets of our work at the Jamel rockt den Förster!

On Saturday we would like to print on textiles with you, using a new technique: lavender print. Bring your own clothes (preferably white), or chose some from our stock. If you’re looking for something smaller, you’re welcome to use our button machine. The services are offered on a donation basis. We will also bring our circus box, containing juggling balls, poys, diabolos and many more. We are looking forward to meeting all of you!

Protestant Youth Mecklenburg, Provost District Wismar

Jesus Christ was Jewish. The first Christians were Greek, Italian, Arab and Persian. Today, you can find Christians in all corners of the world. Being Christian and a racist therefore is not only stupid, it doesn’t work.

Young members of the Provost district Wismar/church area Grevesmühlen offer you a chill-out-area, anti-racist henna tattoos, information and two foosball tables.

Forstrock Cocktail Bar

Of course, we will have the cocktail bar again at Forstrock 2019. You can expect culinary masterpieces in liquid form. This year, we will have a new motto and new cocktail delicacies for your surprise. Want to know what that looks like? Find out yourselves! A little hint: It will be rustic and comfortable. We will see you at this year’s Forstrock in Jamel.

University of Wismar – Fakulty for Design

After a successful first try last year, the University in Wismar, Faculty for Design once again presents the village of democracy and tolerance at the Jamel rockt den Förster 2019. The different organisations and actors will be able to present themselves and their work in specially designed little houses made out of environmentally friendly cardboard and an easy-to-assemble-and-disassemble wooden slat construction.

The University of Wismar Faculty for Design will once again also be present at one of the booths to celebrate democracy and tolerance with you. We will also present our current study programme. We are looking forward to meeting you at our booth! Come and chat with us – it’s worth it!

Hainis – Spontaneous Live Literature

The beginning was pretty easy. In a Friedrichshainer WG around 2005, some exiled Mecklenburger and exiled Erzgebirgler sat together and were terribly upset about a rising presence of boring district scene magazines, which had absolutely nothing interesting to write about the closure of shops in their street, not even real poems, and – of, let’s say, young men from Prenzlberg-shared apartments wearing Basecaps! (Basecaps! At the age of 30!).

The order was clear: Never again was the question of headgear allowed to go out from the Prenzlberg area. Full stop. A housewarming party was imminent. What to do?

We founded the seasonal magazine hainis for trendy hats, the party was a huge success. We have revolutionized the genre of the scene high gloss main cover magazine decisively. Many say so.

Of course, dealing with the state of the head has its downsides: Success! More magazines, more magazionaires, more closed shops, up to life performance, suddenly everything was possible.

Since then, our living conditions may have changed; but the power of disposal over the means of production has not; and so we still exist: with a non-periodic booklet about the condition on the top of your head.

You will be able to experience us at saturday night after the last band.

Respect-Initiative – No place for rassism

Antiracists world record banner for you to join in!

The “Respect”-Initiative aims to create the longest antiracists banner with the highest number of contributors, which has been submitted to the Guinness World Records. The banner is already more than 100 metres long. We are inviting you to become part of the mega project and to design your own banner with your own personal message against right-extremism, or for more diversity, solidarity and love. Maybe it will be your banner that makes the difference in the end!

Industrial Union Metal Youth Lübeck Wismar

Workshop I: “Active at your company for democracy and diversity”

Companies are places where people with different backgrounds, culture, political and ideological ideas work together. Not only are we confronted with right-extremist tendencies and discrimination in political debates, but also in our jobs or at the university. How do you react in these situations? Are you willing to enter a discussion, and if yes, how should these conversations go? Where can we get support?

During our workshop, we would like to discuss possible courses of action, legal frameworks and arguments. Together, we want to share our experiences and explore strategies that enable us to become active at our places of work against right-extremism, racism, antisemitism, sexism or hostility against the disabled.

Workshop II: “Yoga against Nazis”

Speech, looks, movement – we communicate with our surroundings constantly, whether we realise it or not. We give impulses, receive them and wish or expect to be understood. However, do we actually understand ourselves? Can situations feel good, although we don’t understand them because they are out of our comfort zone? What happens to our perception, if we understand our whole body as part of our mind? Yoga connects body and mind and supports self-communication. It is not so much about what you do, but rather how you do it. Absolutely everybody can do yoga. Listening to yourself and your inner impulses automatically changes the impulses you convey to others. The combination of group and individual exercises offers a wholesome experience of the game of interactions.

You will also be able to meet the Industrial Union Metal Youth at the info booth of the Ver.di Youth North.

Kein Bock auf Nazis (= „Not keen of Nazis”)

info booth
Kein Bock auf Nazis supports, networks and informs youths about the subject of the extreme right, racism and the neo-nazi-scene since 2006. Our voluntary project was founded by the Berlin-based band ZSK and the anti-fascist press archive and education centre e.v. (apabiz).

We work completely based on charity and are supported by bands and artists like Die Toten Hosen, Bela B., Die Ärzte, Wir Sind Helden, Broilers, Madsen, Donots, Fettes Brot, Beatsteaks, Deichkind, Sportfreunde Stiller, Anti-Flag and many more. Financed by donations, we were able to hand out 250.000 DVDs and more than a million student newspapers free of charge. We constantly hand out information material, stickers and tips to initiatives, groups and individuals that are active in the fight against right-extremism.

We are a contact point and give young people courage to raise their voices against the shift to the right and growing social isolation. We network, we encourage, we help getting active. Against neo-nazis and racism.

Together, we can make a difference!

KGS Village Mecklenburg

We are the project group “Updater” from the Cooperative School Village Mecklenburg. Since our school focuses a lot on music, our mixed orchestra (classes 8-12) will be the opening the festival for the first time. Birgit and Horst Lohmeyer are our school sponsors in the project “School without Racism – School with Courage” supported by “Living Democracy”. You will also find us and our wheel of fortune quiz at the both of the RAA Mecklenburg-Vorpommern e. V.

Party Project ODYSSEE

As usual, the Party Project ODYSSEE has a Chill-out-tent installed: good music, a laser show, lights, a disco ball and a lot of information around the subject of party drugs, driver license and drugs, safer-use-information, mixed consummation, verification times, pill warnings, thinners in cocaine and XTC etc. and will also offer some give-aways: earplugs, dextrose, fruits, condoms, safer-snief-tube, etc.

“PRO BLEIBERECHT (=Pro Right to Stay) M-V”

info booth
This year Jamel rockt dem Förster happens at the 27th anniversary of the progrom in Rostock-Lichtenhagen. Once a month, PRO BLEIBERECHT sets a reminder in front of the first reception centre Nostorf-Horst, that the then-attacked asylum seekers were simply relocated to a centre at the edge of the forest, as this was easier than for the politicians to prevent or at least directly face the racist attacks. Even today, asylum seekers are accommodated in Horst until they are deported – often mostly isolated from society.

At the PRO BLEIBERECHT info booth, you can collect flyers and brochures about this and other subjects. PRO BLEIBERECHT informs about the rights of refugees in MV, about ideas to support them and about tightening asylum regulations.
PRO BLEIBERECHT is an anti-racist initiative that is active all over MV – mostly in Rostock, Horst, Schwerin, Greifswald, Demmin and Rügen.

RAA Mecklenburg-Vorpommern e.V., Regional Centre for Democratic Culture West Mecklenburg

info booth and workshop
We provide you with a ton of information material as well as the very popular antiracist earplugs. We are also joined by a team from one of the “School without Racism”-project teams with different activities, information and a wheel of fortune quiz.

Workshop: “Between parliaments, national settler dreams, martial arts and prepper-networks: right extremism in the rural areas of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern”

Jamel has become (in)famous in Germany and is a symbol for right-extremist settler and infiltration strategies. However, this kind of infiltration does not only happen in Jamel. More villages in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern face right-extremists that try to infiltrate, dominate and shape them according to their ideology. During a time of demographic change and dramatic numbers of emigration, neo-nazis try to attract more like-minded people to settle in the north-east of Germany. These days, the right-extremist scene itself is subject to a lot of change and is more diverse than it ever was. During this workshop we will explain which right-extremist actors are active in the countryside and what exactly “national settler movement” is. We will discuss with you our experiences, approaches and strategies.


Everyone has heard of the terrible conditions refugees face when trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea to flee to safety. Thousands have lost their lives; the EU mostly ignores this. Being saved when fleeing and in distress at sea is a human right.
RESQSHIP e.V. was founded in 2017 by people with different occupational background, who all have experience in rescue missions, in order to send additional ships to help others already on duty and to save the lives of the survivors.

Like all NGOs, RESQSHIP e.V. relies on donations. Bank details: IBAN: DE18 4306 0967 2070 8145 00 | BIC: GENODEM1GLS | GLS Gemeinschaftsbank eG. We always welcome interested „participants“.

Rock gegen Rechts Stralsund e. V.

We will again organize the festival breakfast on Saturday morning. People, who rock hard, also have to eat. Which is why Rock gegen Rechts Stralsund e.V. offers breakfast from 10am-12pm. In exchange for a donation between 2 € and 1000 € you’ll be able to load up your plate. There will also be coffee and other drinks. Follow the scent of freshly made coffee. If you still can’t find us, follow the signs.

Chess Café of the Chess Club Kaltenkirchen

We have been fascinated by chess since our childhood, and fascinated by festivals since our youth. We would like to share, experience and celebrate these fascinations with you. We will offer plenty of classic board game equipment, including clocks, lego chess and more interesting board games that you are welcome to try to out.

We will also inform you about the campaign “Together against right extremism” and are joined by the female grandmaster Melanie Lubbe (née Ohme) under the motto “Step by step against racism”. The campaign includes a guideline for clubs about how to deal with racist incidents within their structures, how anti-racist content can be included in the club’s statute and the popular flyer “That looks illegal”. If you are also interested in learning what the cosmopolitan fridge is, come by and find material from the club “Action Civil Courage”.

We expect things to get heated not only on the stage but also on our chess boards. Especially since we are the experts in combining action and calmness. No one knows better: chess rocks!

Ver.di Youth North

info booth and workshop

Workshop “Let’s talk about music”
In the course of the festival “Jamel rockt den Förster” we would like to once again offer a workshop about the subject of music. We would like to discuss with you, why music has such value (not only in the right-extremist scene) and how music affects us as human beings. We would also like to discuss, what we expect from artists and what has to change so that one day the saying becomes true once again: “Where people sing, you are safe to stay, because bad people don’t know any songs.”

WE. Success needs Diversity (WIR)

The initiative “WE. Success needs Diversity” is a state network that stands up for democracy and tolerance in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Countless activities and democracy events have been organised for this cause. The initiative supports projects and activities by using the donation format DEMOKRATIEAKTIE (= democracy stocks); one example being the Jamel rockt den Förster.

At our info booth we offer you information material about our work. We also “sell” democracy stocks and recruit new supporters that join our network and work with us for a liberal, tolerant Meckenburg-Vorpommern. The initiators and supporters of the campaign “WE. Success needs Diversity” are not linked to any party but strengthen democracy in general through activities and good ideas.

We say Moin (=”we say hello”)

info booth

“Moin” (= northern German for “Hello”) goes around the world!

It’s late fall 2015. Thousands of refugees are waiting at Europe’s borders to find safety from persecution, discrimination and war! While on the one hand a small populist group named AfD is founded in the surroundings of Pegida, etc., a wave of open arms and helping hands reaches the new arrivals. Everywhere, at train stations from Munich to Flensburg, people come together to help.

Asylum is not charity, but a matter of fact. A human right. Politically, as well as in civil society. The same message is portrayed by “We say Moin”. It is about a collective state of mind, the collective stand against right-extremism!

People from all over the world posted pictures of themselves with Moin-signs and the hashtag #wesayMOIN in social media. We saw posts where someone had written “Moin” on a leave in Thailand or written on a piece of cardboard in the studio of singer Tom Klose!

The cardboards became stickers (250.000 and counting! We’re not joking!), stickers became t-shirts and bags. The thought behind it remained the same. 100% of the profits go to refugee projects. Almost daily, we receive pictures with Moin-stickers on lampposts, walls and trashcans all over the world.

Moin is a short word with a lot of meaning. We say Moin – that’s you, and that’s us!

In Jamel we will have our beautiful t-shirts and a wheel of fortune with fantastic prices as well as a great exhibition by Pro Asyl! And you will be able to create your own Moin-buttons.


People who are members of right-extremist organizations, the right-extremist scene or who portray a right-extremist mindset are not welcome at the festival!