Oase der politischen Bildung


Here we’ll inform you what else you could find in 2019 at our festival.

Of course we will have the cocktail bar again at Forstrock 2019. You can expect culinary masterpieces in liquid form. This year, we will have a new motto and new cocktail delicacies for your surprise. Want to know what that looks like? Find out yourselves! A little hint: It will be rustic and comfortable. We will see you at this year’s Forstrock in Jamel.

The Party Project ODYSSEE has a Chill-out-tent installed: good music, a lasershow, lights and a mirror ball and a lot of information around the subject of party drugs, driver license and drugs, Safer-Use-information, mixed consummation, verification times, pill warnings, thinners in cocaine and XTC etc. and will also offer some give-aways: earplugs, dextrose, fruits, condoms, safer-snief-tube, etc.

The Chess Café of the Chess Club Kaltenkirchen
We have been fascinated by chess since our childhood, and fascinated by festivals since our youth. We would like to share, experience and celebrate these fascinations with you. We will offer plenty of classic board game equipment, including clocks, Lego Chess and more interesting board games that you are welcome to try to out.
We will also inform you about the campaign “Together against right extremism” together with the female grandmaster Melanie Lubbe (née Ohme) under the motto “Step by step against racism”. This will include a guideline for clubs about how to deal with racist incidents within their structures, how anti-racist content can be included in the club’s statute and the popular flyer “That looks illegal”. If you are also interested in learning what the cosmopolitan fridge is, come by and find material from the club “Action civil courage”.
We expect things to get heated not only on the stage but also on our chess boards.
Especially since we are the experts in combining action and calmness. No one knows better: chess rocks!

I am human and are allowed to be” is a photo exhibition by the workshop for photography at the Hochschule Wismar. The headscarf is a highly emotionalized subject: disguise as symbol for oppression, evil stares, hostilities by Germans and the question by a refugee: “Why are Germans so scared of headscarves?”
With the working title “(Almost 1.000 reasons to where a headscarf”, people of all ages wearing headscarves have been photographed. Just the way, they wanted to be portrayed and including a small statement of their choice. More than 60 portraits have been created with a few days.

Rock gegen Rechts Stralsund e. V. organized the festival breakfast on Saturday morning. People who rock hard, also have to eat. Which is why Rock gegen Rechts Stralsund e.V. offers breakfast from 10am-12pm. In exchange for a donation between 2 € and 1000 € you’ll be able to load up your plate. There will also be coffee and other drinks. Follow the scent of freshly made coffee. If you still can’t find us, follow the signs.

Ver.di Jugend Nord will have an information booth and also offer workshops with subjects such as “Right-extremist music/music as entry point to the right-extremist scene” and “discussion training against right-extremist and populistic arguments”.

We will also introduce the following initiatives: a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>WIR. Erfolg braucht Vielfalt, DGB Nord, RAA-Regionalzentrum für demokratische Kultur Westmecklenburg

People who are members of right-extremist organizations, the right-extremist scene or who portray a right-extremist mindset are not welcome at the festival!