Questions and Answers

Here you find a map of the festival ground Map Jamel 2021.

We have compiled some tips in the form of Q&A in order to make all guests at our festival as comfortable as possible.


I have pre-ordered a ticket. When will I receive it?

The tickets that you have pre-ordered via our website are online tickets and need to be printed. As soon as your payment has arrived and processed, we will send you an email with the download-link for each ticket.

Pre-ordering is not possible anymore. Is there a waiting list?

No, we are not able to offer a waiting list. If you would still like to purchase a ticket please check our online shop regularly. There might be some leftover tickets available.

Is it possible to purchase tickets directly at the festival?

If the festival is not sold out, it is possible to buy day- or weekend tickets at the festival grounds. Find more information on our facebook page.

I am unable to attend. Can I resell my ticket?

Yes, you can sell the ticket for the retail price on our facebook page. Offers that are higher than that will be deleted immediately.

At the festival grounds

When does the entry gate open?

Entry to the festival opens on Friday at 4pm and on Saturday at 2:30pm.

What time does the campsite open?

The campsites are open starting Friday at 12:30 pm. There will be police checkpoints so please expect some waiting hours. The earlier you come the better the chances for a good parking and camping place.

Can I bring my pet?

Pets cannot be brought to the festival area. “But he doesn’t do anyting / He’s a good boy”-claims do not work with us. If you do not want to leave your animal at home you will have to leave it in the car or your tent. We advise you not to bring them at all.

Can I bring my own alcohol?

Alcohol in any form and glass bottles have to stay outside. You can buy your beer etc. on the festival grounds. There will be a checkpoint at the entry. You are of course allowed to drink your own alcohol at the camp and parking area.

Is there food/drinks available at the festival?

While the programme on stage is running, the barbecue and the vegetarian booth will be open. A booth with beer, soda and spirits will be available as well. If you want more, you’re welcome to hit our cocktail, icecream or cotton candy booth.
On Saturday morning you will find a (limited) breakfast offer. Coffee, tea, hot chocolate, buns, meat, cheese, vegetables, jams, chocolate spread or vegan spread are available while stock lasts. Food and drinks will be handed in exchange for a donation and we would like to ask you to clean your cups after using them.
Apart from the mentioned services please make sure you bring enough food to sustain yourself.

I like woodcarving. Can I bring my knife?

Any kind of weapons (stab, chop, stroke, fire etc.) should be left at home. Bringing any of that to the festival is strictly prohibited. Your bags will be checked upon entry and potential dangerous material will be confiscated.

Can I bring confettibombs?

Confetticanons or -bombs are not allowed on the festival grounds. We prefer not to collect the confettisnippets from our garden for the rest of the year.


Can I sleep in my car/trailer/caravan?

Yes, it is possible to sleep in your car/trailer/caravan at the campsite.

Am I allowed to make a barbecue/a campfire or light torches?

No, open fire is not allowed at the festivalground. Barbecues are prohibited due to increased wildfire risk and due to official community regulations. Our security staff will extinguish any illegal fire.

Sanitary Facilities

Where can I clean myself?

There are cleaning facilities and drinking water taps available. But like at any festival: be ready to keep it rather superficial.

Are there water toilets?

No. But our latrines are cleaned regularly.