21st - 22ndAugust, 2020
Jamel near Gressow/Wismar

What a party!

Dear friends,
the 13th Forstrock Festival is history – it was truly unforgettable. We thank everyone who was part of it – on, in front of or behind the stage.
Concerning the ticket pre-sale: Please be patient. Right now we are setting up a system that prevents faking tickets and also allows people to buy tickets who do not have permanent online access. Until the beginning of 2019, you’ll probably only have the opportunity to register as prospective participants. The real pre-sale will then start at the spring of 2020. We’ll update you also via facebook!

Stay tuned!
The Forstrockers


Nazis originally aimed to cultivate the village of Jamel to be a “national-socialist model village,” deliberately seeking tenants and landowners who identified with their views. Jamel rockt den Förster began in 2007 when Birgit and Horst Lohmeyer, farm owners in Jamel, refused to tolerate the intolerance. Jamel rockt den Förster exists to show resistance against the Nazi occupation with Democracy and Tolerance being its founding principles.

Find more information about the festival on the History-page and current news on Facebook.

Patron of the festival: Manuela Schwesig and till 2019 President of the state parliament MV Sylvia Bretschneider (†)


Here we’ll inform you what else you could find in 2019 at our festival.

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Questions and Answers

Here you find a map of the festival ground Map Jamel 2019.

We have compiled some tips in the form of Q&A in order to make all guests at our festival as comfortable as possible.

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Ranger Merchandise

As a true Forstrock-Fan, consider some of our merchandise: Official shirts, bags and patches can be bought for little money via Audiolith!

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The Lineup

The target audience of „Jamel rockt den Förster“ consists primarily of politically interested people who support and celebrate democracy. In this respect, the festival is not comparable to commercial music festivals.

Since 2017 we didn’t announce the line-up until the festival date, so that everyone who is not only interested in the fantastic bands but also in the political message of the festival had a chance to get tickets. This concept worked! Many thanks to all our understanding and dedicated visitors.